Jbaron Technologies

Home Automation

JBT’s home automation concept  is simple:  “seamlessly  integrate all the electronics in the home and provide the customer with a slick and intuitive interface to easily operate and navigate all the systems in your home from anywhere in the house or around the world”. With a home automation system from JBT, you can easily control your TV, sound system, climate, security system, lighting, shades and many more applications in any room and from any room in the house, all while conserving energy and saving money.

Imagine the possibilities

  • Waking up to your favorite song, while the shadesopen

    and reveal natural lighting

  • Checking your stocks, local weather and favorite team

    scores on the master bedroom touch screen remote, or

    the kitchen keypad.

  • Monitoring the kids playing in the game room, on your

    mobile or tablet device, while cooking dinner to the

    tunes of your favorite Pandora station.

  • Setting up a lighting path with a touch of a button, as you

    head down to the  kitchen in the middle of the night to

    snack on your favorite ice cream.

  • Coming home from a long day of work to a preset ideal temperature and a relaxing ambiance set by the soft

    lighting scenes.

  • Saying good night by ensuring that a comfortable

    sleeping temperature is set, all the lights in the home are turned off, and the alarm system is armed, all at a touch of a magic “Goodnight” button.

  • While vacationing, set timers that trigger lights to

    automatically turn on during the night, and turn on the sound system for a period of time, making your home “lived in”
    while you are away.

At JBT we believe every person’s lifestyle is different and unique, but we understand that simplicity, comfort and safety is everyone’s desire when it comes to home living. These are the basic principles that we apply when designing and integrating a home automation system tailored to your family’s lifestyle . At JBT we are here to make your life better by consolidating all the things in your home that you love, and providing you with simple and fun way of interacting with them.  We are here to make your life at home simple, comfortable and secured.

JBT home automation Solutions

  • Affordable and personalized to fit your lifestyle.
  • Professionally and seamlessly installed.
  • Fun and intuitive for anyone to use.
  • Expandable – start with one room and expand  your
    system for complete control of your entire home.
  • Convenient and energy-efficient.

JBT home automation at glance

Entertainment at a touch of button.
Press one key and the TV will go on, the lights will dim and the shades will go down as your favorite movie starts playing and the surround sound comes to life – the joy of simplicity: just sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Great Sound, in every room.
Listen to the same tune all throughout the house or a different melody in every room. Mom can listen to Jazz in the living room enjoying some wine – while the kids party with today’s hits in the family room and Dad rocks out to some classics grilling out in the backyard. Enjoy your favorite music regardless of the format and browse cover art from your iTunes library on the touch screen remote, the TV, the wall touch screen keypad, or your mobile device.

Lighting control, natural or artificial lighting.
Create scenes to match the mood by dimming lights and closing electric shades. Arrive home to a welcoming ambiance by creating time events for outdoor/indoor lighting. Say goodnight by ensuring all the lights on your home are off at a touch of a button – do all of this while conserving energy and saving money

Climate control, make it comfy!
Adjust the temperature in your home from any room using any system interface or your mobile device. Schedule automatic temperature changes to ensure that no unnecessary cooling or heating is done while the home is empty, and arrive from work to a preset ideal temperature – Be comfortable and save money.

Safety and protection, at home or away.
At home – monitor the front door, check on the kids out on the pool, and arm or disarm the alarm system at a touch of a button, all from your mobile device or any system interface controller.

Away from home – set time events that trigger lights to automatically turn on late at night and turn on the sound system for a period of time, making your home “lived in” while you are away. Easily monitor the security cameras at your home from your mobile device or personal computer, from anywhere in the world.

Be Green and save some green.
View energy consumption and predict electricity bills at home or away. Create time events to automatically control temperatures and lights based on the time of the year and occupancy of the home, avoiding unnecessary energy usage – Be green, conserve energy and save money.