Jbaron Technologies

Home Theater

Don’t just watch a movie – be a part of the experience with a full high definition audio and video JBT home theater surround sound system!

From elaborate custom theater rooms to family room surround sound systems, JBT has the expertise to fully design, integrate and calibrate a home theater built from the ground up. By integrating the latest technologies into an existing living space or a dedicated theater room, JBT  brings the movie theater experience to your home. Allowing you to watch your favorite movies, TV shows, play video games and even listen to your music in any format all with the highest picture and sound fidelity from the comfort of your couch.

By selecting discrete components such recessed in wall or in ceiling speakers,  JBT can flawlessly integrate a home theater system into an existing living space, delivering superb audio and visual entertainment all while keeping the aesthetics of your home.

When a dedicated media room is the answer many factors such custom seating and lighting, acoustical treatments and interior design are carefully taken in consideration by JBT in order to deliver the genuine feel, look and experience of a movie theater.

Once the home theater is completed an intuitive interface custom programmed, will provide total control of your system at a touch of a button, including room lighting and all available sources.