Jbaron Technologies


Today’s Flat panel television design’s are constantly evolving. TV’s are getting lighter, bigger, smarter, slicker and more affordable. Yet one condition has remained constant from the very start. Whether your TV is a Plasma, LCD or LED, it will always reach its full aesthetic and performance potential when professionally installed. Whether the application is an inside/outside wall, ceiling, chimney, outdoor patio, cabana or bathroom, JBT’S extensive experience will ensure the perfect custom installation.

JBT’s starts the process by recommending and/or selecting the right TV and mount based on the location, environment, and lighting conditions. Once the appropriate TV and mount have been selected, JBT’s technicians will securely and expertly install your TV. By concealing all electrical and A/V conductors inside the walls or attic space a visually wire free installation will be achieved. Even if the equipment to be connected to the TV is to be placed in a near by closet or storage cabinet, all necessary conductors can be hidden for a clean and aesthetically pleasing end result.

In order to reach your TV’s maximum audio and video performance, JBT’s technicians will use the correct high performance cables to interconnect all you’re A/V sources, and will calibrate the sound and picture to ensure that your system is working at its best capabilities delivering the ultimate experience.

Finally the JBT technician will take the necessary time to thoroughly explain the system’s operation and all of its applications.