Jbaron Technologies

Multi-room A/V

Multi-room audio

A JBT multi-room audio system enables you to listen to any music format throughout your house and outdoors with complete source and volume independence from room to room. You can listen to the same tune everywhere in the house or a different melody in every room.  Mom can listen to her favorite Pandora station in the living room enjoying some wine – while the kids party to their ITunes playlist in the family room and Dad rocks out to his favorite classic rock satellite radio station grilling out in the backyard. Enjoy your favorite music regardless of the format, browse cover art from your iTunes library and control every room using any of the system’s wall keypads and even your mobile or tablet device.

JBT’s multi room audio systems are seamlessly integrated into your house whether the project encompasses new construction, a retrofit/renovation, or an existing system expansion. All wiring is concealed inside the walls and attic space, and all the equipment is placed neatly in a discrete location such a closet. At the end all you see is elegant wall keypads and recessed in-wall or in-ceiling speakers that match the décor and accentuate the aesthetics of your home.

Multi-room video

Why stop at audio distribution… HD video content can also be distributed to any TV in any room in the house. This allows you to  simultaneously broadcast a video source in multiple locations without sacrificing quality on the picture.- A Bluray movie played by a single player can be watched in the family room and at the same time be broadcasted in the backyard!