Jbaron Technologies


JBT surveillance systems will enable you to protect your loved ones and your assets  by allowing you to monitor your house or business from anywhere in the world, using any PC or your favorite mobile device. JBT’s experts will design  a custom surveillance system tailored to your needs, whether your goal is to keep an eye on the kids playing in the backyard from anywhere inside the house, or simply check up on the house while vacationing anywhere in the world.

By implementing the latest surveillance equipment, JBT will not only enable you to visually keep an eye on the things that matter most to you but will also let you listen to the sounds taking place and even communicate with someone at the location via your mobile or tablet device.

imagine this

While at work someone arrives at your home’s front door…. As the person approaches the door the motion detecting  camera is triggered  and the system starts recording and sends out a notification via email or text message alerting you that someone has arrived at your home. Immediately you log in into the system using your mobile device or any PC, and get visual and audio feedback in real time. At this point you can actually have a conversation with the person at the front door by simply pushing a key on your mobile device. The built in speaker in the camera will broadcast your voice and the built in microphone in the camera will capture the persons voice playing it back in your device.

JBT Surveillance system

  • Provide peace of mind by allowing you to monitor your
    home or business within the premises or remotely
    anywhere around the world.
  • Allow you to safely store your recordings in any PC
    connected to the internet. A dedicated DVR is no longer required.
  • Enable you to keep an eye on your kids from anywhere in
    the house using dedicated remote controls or your
    favorite mobile or tablet device.
  • Allow you to check on the baby sitter taking care of your
    kids while away from home.
  • Notify you via email or text message when a camera’s
    motion detector is triggered.